Marumarutei Ohagi


Introduction of Speaker

  • The Rakugo Queen 2013, Kobe Okoshitei Ameteur Rakugo Competition

Biography of Speaker

In 1938, Ohagi Marumarutei was born in Kobe and grew up in Ashiya, Japan. She had many opportunities to be exposed to rakugo (=traditional comic storytelling) because of her grandfather and father. When Marumarutei got married, she moved to Higashi-Nada Ward, Kobe city and had three children. Marumarutei came to love rakugo because after seeing a rakugo show in her 40′s. After her divorce, she worked in Hotel Okura as an advisor of wedding dresses. Marumarutei became a volunteer reading books aloud for handicapped people after she retired. She also went to the Rakugo class for six years. In 2013, she won the first prize in a rakugo competition. Marumarutei performs rakugo in Osaka and Hyogo and is introduced by NHK and BS-TBS TV.

TEDx Talks

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