Haruyuki Yamashita

山下 春幸

Introduction of Speaker

  • HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO(Tokyo Midtown)
  • HAL YAMASHITA Osaka Umeda(Hankyu Umeda Main Store)
  • Executive Chef

Biography of Speaker

Haruyuki Yamashita was born in Kobe in 1969.
He started working at the beverage maker after he graduated from Osaka University of Arts. However, he quit his job and decided to become a chef in spite of the fact that he had no money, no connections, and no experience. He enriched his experience in America, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Yamashita opened NADABAN DINIG in Japan when he was 33 years old. His restaurant almost went bankrupt, but it became popular thanks to his innovative ideas. In March 2007, he opened HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO at Tokyo Midtown.

In addition, TOP TABLES, his first family restaurant, was opened in May 2012. Recently, Yamashita often appears in the media as a prodigy of Japanese cuisine chef and supports many children as a WFP adviser.

In the great earthquake on March 11 of 2011, he launched a fund to support the victims. In 2010, Yamashita was chosen a representative in Japan for the World Gourmet Summit. Furthermore, in 2012, he made a great achievement in the Abu Dhabi World Gourmet summit and became an international master chef. The whole world is at his stage.

TEDx Talks

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